About Us


The Romanian film industry is a vibrant community of talented and respected entrepreneurs, producers, directors, artists, professionals and technicians around the world. Testimony are the countless awards of Romanian films in major festivals and prestigious international productions that have chosen Romania as the filming location and the services of Romanian production companies.

However, in the last two decades, the attention and support that the Romanian state has given to this vital economic and cultural sector has been limited. Compared to any of the countries in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the support for local production and the Romanian cultural product was modest, and the measures for attracting international productions and foreign investments late and with deficiencies in administration.

We are at a turning point. The crisis that the whole world is going through is seriously affecting our industry and the safety of tomorrow. For us, the Romanian filmmakers as well as for the film production and service companies, it is essential that the Romanian state now offers, in this decisive moment, the necessary, economic and legislative support to be able to survive and prosper.

It is essential to demand that the representatives of the state institutions on which our businesses, productions, film crews depend, be open to dialogue, be efficient, active, competent and responsible.

It is essential to have a clear, predictable, competitive legal framework in which our industry operates, aligned with good practices in the European and international market.

It is essential that the economic resources provided to our sector, whether in the form of credit granted to Romanian film, other government facilities and programs and especially the cash rebate programme to support the film industry that generates major foreign investment and jobs, be budgeted and managed coherently, functionally, transparently, equitably, to support the creativity, competition and real development of our industry and community.

Who we are?

De aceea ne-am strâns impreună. Iuliana Tarnovețchi – Alien Films Entertainment , Andrei Boncea – Frame Film, Ada Solomon – HiFilm Productions, Tudor Giurgiu – Libra Film Productions, Cristi Bostănescu – Castel Film, Tudor Reu – Mobra Films și Carmen Pepelea – Icon Films membrii fondatori ai Alianței Producătorilor de Film din România și alături de noi am invitat să ni se alăture companii de producție și profesioniști activi în domeniu pentru a merge împreună în acest demers unitar.

What do we do?

  • We monitor and actively contribute to the measures and public policies undertaken by the authorities for sectoral development, focusing on the duality of our domain in which we operate, namely cultural product with relevant economical footprint . impact economic
  • We open channels of communication and initiate partnerships with other professional and employer entities in related fields on which film and audiovisual production has a significant impact;
  • We open ways of communication with international bodies in order to contribute to the evolution of European policies with a direct impact on the Romanian industry;
  • We start the “Romanian Film Office” project with the role of providing means of information and access to relevant information to foreign producers in order to attract quality productions and a volume of investments;
  • We periodically start carrying out the necessary studies in order to have a better image of what the impact of cinematography and audiovisual on Romania's visibility abroad and on its economy means;
  • We facilitate the organization of professional training programs in collaboration with specialized foreign partners according to market needs;
  • We actively promote Romania as a cinema destination, as an option for services at the highest level, but especially as a resource rich in talent and creativity;
  • We promote audiovisual professionals abroad;


Romanian Alliance of Film Producers (APF) este o organizație, ce reunește în prezent 43 de companii in Romania and which aims to represent the interests of the film and audiovisual field in Romania both nationally and internationally. One of the main objectives of the APF is to actively contribute to creating an environment conducive to the competitive and sustainable development of the domestic film industry in cooperation with public authorities as well as with international bodies and institutions. APF members are active companies, with experience in the field of film production, covering various portfolios in terms of artistic interest and the economic dimension of the projects carried out.